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WashMe Rotana

WashMe Mobile Car Wash + Polish is an earth-friendly car cleaning solution. We manufacture a complete line of car care products including a Mobile Car Wash + Polish, Dashboard + Trim, Carpet + Upholstery and Metal Polish. WashMe products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. WashMe Mobile Car Wash + Polish product saves users at home between 80 - 140 gallons of water while eliminating harmful run-off. Simply spray the Mobile Car Wash , one panel at a time, and wipe clean with two microfiber towels. At WashMe, we leave your car -- and conscience clean.

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Are you thinking of opening up a mobile car wash business? We've got you covered with all the supplies needed. Learn more here.


WashMe is now available in as franchise, municipality or car wash facility.

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