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Mobile Car Wash by WASHME

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WashMe Inc. is an elite mobile carwash services, first of it kind.
  • who we are: we are the ideal solution for a luxuary services.  we wash your vehicle anywhere at anytime.  You call 800-199-3000, schedule your services, a car will be sent to you at your reequest (Home,Office,Gym)

As you know for years, we have been washing cars with large volumes of water. Water conservation wasn't on the radar and nobody really cared about being environmentally friendly. That has all changed and it's never going back. Did you know......

  • An open garden hose with a ¾ inch diameter at 40PSI will use 12-18 gallons per minute
  • That same  garden hose, even with a hose nozzle, when in use will use on average 7.5 gallons per minute
  • A pressure washer with an average PSI of 1500 will deliver 4-5 gallons per minute

When water flow is limited, and pressure is reduced, less water will be wasted. In general we do not need extremely high pressure ratings on pressure washers, and we do not need very large nozzles to force the water through. This alone will save water. However, when you combine a little less pressure, with a very small nozzle and produce steam at 280 degrees......you have a machine that will clean more effectively, efficiently, and use a very small amount of water in the process. This is the environmentally friendly way to wash a car! and or using environment friendly products to wash your car with the least amount of water. 

This machine is so versatile, that it can be used as a cold water pressure washer with more water volume, a hot water pressure washer, or of course, a steam pressure washer! You control the water flow and the heat by simply adjusting the temperature gage, or the fuel pressure setting. By hooking up your water source, this machine is a continuous operating machine.

Up to 300 degrees of heated, pressurized steam and water in about 1 minute



Water Conservation

Do you need to save and conserve water? Are you trying to "go green" and be more ECO friendly? Do you still want to be able to wash a car with the effectiveness of a pressure washer, but the water conservation of a steamer? Do you want the extreme heat of a steam machine?