Mobile Car Wash by WASHME

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  • WashMe Steam
  • WashMe Hand Wash
  • WashMe WaterLess
  • WashMe Detailing (Exterior and Interior)

    * WashMeing:

  •       our core business - professional car cleaning and detailing. using our exclusive product range an WashMe can be performed anywhere - at home, at the office, in a car park, on the street or even on the showroom floor.
  •       never before has car washing been so professional and so accessible. the WashMe mobile service is of the highest quality and offers the ultimate in convenience.
  •       the market potential for WashMeing is unlimited - from private car owners through to smash repairers, car dealerships and corporate fleets - WashMeing is the future of car washing.
  •     * protection service (paint, carpet, fabric, leather):